Kelsey Watson & Volunteering with the Majorettes

Kelsey Watson isn’t your average student. She dedicates 25 hours a week to the University of Tennessee Majorettes, 20 hours a week to her job at the TRECS, is enrolled in 18 hours of coursework this semester and somehow has time to volunteer for others.

Kelsey’s sense of volunteerism stems from her involvement with both the Sequoyah High School Majorettes and the University of Tennessee Majorettes.

The Sequoyah High School Majorettes had their hand in several different volunteer opportunities, but not out of any obligation. Kelsey explained that everything was done out of the kindness of their hearts. They fundraised for and participated in a 5K every year where all the money went to The Butterfly Fund, dedicated to finding the cure for a rare form of childhood cancer. They even did something as simple as delivering hams during the holidays to the homes of those in need.

Kelsey’s favorite memory of her time volunteering with her high school majorettes was providing school supplies to kids in need. The majorettes, along with help from other local high schools and parents, would purchase supplies like backpacks, notebooks and pencils and would deliver them to the Boys & Girls Club of the Monroe Area before the start of the school year.

“I liked doing it because it made other people happy, I know it sounds cliché but it’s the truth. You know that these people are stressing out about how they’re going to afford to get their kids school supplies and then they show up to the Boys & Girls Club where we have all the supplies for them and they don’t have to worry anymore”, Kelsey said.

Through her involvement with the University of Tennessee Majorettes, Kelsey had the opportunity to go speak to the Girl Scouts about achieving their dreams and believing in themselves. Kelsey enjoyed feeling as if she had inspired them to be more self-confident.

“I’m 19, I’m still a teenager and it’s weird to think that I am someone who can inspire these girls,” Kelsey said.

Kelsey plans on continuing her volunteerism after college by regularly volunteering in a soup kitchen. This is something she wants to become a daily activity for she and her family.

Kelsey is a sophomore at UTK from Madisonville, Tenn. She is majoring in kinesiology and plans on attending physical therapy school after graduation.



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