FTK Diaries: 20 Days

We’re 20 days out and I only have $333 until I reach my personal fundraising goal.

In other news, our registration push from last week really pulled off and we’re at 454 general members! Our goal this year was to hit 500 members and as you can see we’re well on our way to reaching that. We’re so excited to fill our new venue, Brehm Arena!

We’ve had several great advances in terms of corporate donations the last few weeks with donations from both Enterprise Car Rental and the UTK Interfraternity Council. We’re getting really close, but we still haven’t reached our goal of $70,000 total yet.

In my opinion, individual member fundraising is really what makes the biggest difference for us. There are SO many ways to fundraise for these awesome kids. I’ve found a lot of success posting my fundraising link on social media. We also do a letter writing campaign where all of exec and general members write letters to friends and family asking for small donations. Jane-Anna Caldwell, FTK’s president, and I have a fundraising surprise up our sleeves so be on the lookout for that. 

“Zero dancers with zero dollars.”

Sign up today at: ftkutk.org

Facebook: For The Kids at UTK



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