FTK Diaries: Canning

One of the many ways For The Kids at UTK raises money is through canning events. Canning is when we go out into the public with jars and ask for spare change. We have canned at football and basketball games, on campus during classes and at Walmart. Walmart is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital partner, so we were lucky enough to have the opportunity to can at multiple Walmart locations!

Today, we raised around $300 canning at the Turkey Creek Walmart and a few weeks ago we raised around $500 canning at the same location. 

Personally, I raised over $100 to go towards my own fundraising goal just by canning and asking for spare change. It’s amazing to see the community come together for such an amazing cause. There were so many people who came by telling us that they had kids who went through treatment at the children’s hospital or stayed there for a period of time and how wonderful the staff and facility were. These people just sang the praises of ETCH and reminded us of why we were there on our Saturday before spring break to raise money for the kids. Canning is such a humbling experience and is always open to general members so sign up ASAP to have this amazing opportunity!

Donate HERE!



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