FTK Diaries: 8 DAYS!

It’s been a long process, but this week I finally feel like everything is coming together perfectly!

We’re so close to $70,000 I can almost taste it and we’re at a whopping 484 members, which is 84 more than last year.

We have one more executive committee meeting on Tuesday and then we’re all set to clean the arena on Thursday and begin the set up process. For those who may not know, Brehm Arena is actually a horse showing arena on the Agriculture Campus. As you can imagine, there is A LOT of dirt and dust in the arena. Children suffering from cancer and blood disorders can’t be around that kind of environment due to their weakened immune systems. This is where we come in. We get to spend the entire day Thursday laying down the floor coverings and cleaning the arena to make it a safe location for the kids to enjoy their evening. I can’t say this will be my favorite task of the week, but its a lot easier to do when you know you’re doing it for a good cause. Friday is when the fun begins and we get to set up for the 12-hour dance marathon!

Right now our main focus is registration and individual member fundraising. We’re a fundraising organization, but individual member fundraising makes up the majority of our final total. We highly encourage all members to simply post their fundraising link to their social media profiles in order to receive donations. This is the easiest way to raise money for the kids!

Register TODAY!


Brehm Animal Science Building Exterior


Brehm Arena



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