FTK Diaries: 2 DAYS!

Yes. You heard me right. Only 2 more days until the event we’ve been working so hard to plan for an entire year. We’re so close to our goal and as of yesterday, we’re up to 595 participants. Even though we’re thrilled to have 195 more participants than last year, but this unexpected spike in registration made for a stressful Tuesday for our catering and facilities executive committee members. Kudos to those committee members because they came up with great solutions for the situation.

As always we’re working on individual fundraising this week and have released this year’s incentives. Fundraisers will receive the highest level prize as well as the ones below it for the amount they fundraise.

  • $5 – FTK temporary tattoo
  • $10 – Children’s Miracle Network hospital bracelet
  • $50 – FTK stadium cup, Chapstick mints
  • $60 – FTK fanny pack
  • $250 – “Sit Down For What” orange Comfort Colors tank

We also have some really great in-event fundraising opportunities like silent auction, movie viewing passes, tutu making and a phone charging station.

It’s going to be a stressful few days, but I wouldn’t trade it for the world!



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